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Can I Make Money With a MikroKopter?


Almost every day I am asked whether it is legal to operate a UAV in North America. The most direct answer is no. This is based of the Chicago Convention on international air flight. Most developed countries in the world have signed into this treaty. Specifically it handles UAV’s like this:

“Article 8 of the Convention provides that no aircraft capable of being flown without a pilot shall be flown without a pilot over the territory of a Contracting State without special authorization by that State.”

Article 8 of the Convention also requires that:

“each contracting State undertake to ensure that the flight of such aircraft without a pilot in regions open to civil aircraft shall be so controlled as to obviate danger to civil aircraft.”

Canadian Law

In Canada we have a process of obtaining SFOC’s (Special Flight Operation Certificates) from Transport Canada that grant us permission to carry out commercial UAV work. NuvAero Flight Systems is a leader at obtaining SFOC’s, and we are here to help you obtain yours.

Mikrokopter Making Money


In the United States there is no process in place to grant UAV permits. Until now, thousands of UAV operators have been forced to operate in the “grey area”. Luckily for the many companies that make their living with UAV’s the government has neither the process in place to grant permission or press charges for violation of the long standing international law.

The wording of the Chicago convention is clear though, it is the responsibility of a Country to regulate UAV use over their own soil. This New York Times article suggests the US government has publicly acknowledged the deficit and promises to create a proper process so commercial UAV operators can continue earning a living.

Please submit your comments, it is the responsibility of all commercial UAV operators to assist our governments in creating legislation that will help to build this new industry. I am of the belief that if we don’t get involved in this process, that the end result may not be favorable to small business.


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  1. Very clear and informative explanation. Thanks! It’s nice to see someone explain precisely what’s involved. And in English no less – there’s a lot of information on the German sites but translation software leaves the details a bit fuzzy, and it certainly doesn’t give specifics for North America as you have.
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